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Taking care of your lawn can be a chore. Maintaining a good stand of turf requires mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and heading off or curing problems. If you'd rather leave the job up to a professional, consider hiring Mike’s Lawn Service.  

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template When deciding on what lawn service to use, consider these questions:

  1. Decide what you want from a service. (We offer fertilizing, weed and lawn-damaging pest control, aerating, mowing, and small tree and shrub maintenance.)
  2. Ask about prices and what services are included. (Some companies require a yearly contact; others work on verbal agreements that can be discontinued by the customer at any time. Find out what happens if you have a problem between applications. Will there be a charge for these service calls? We will clearly outline all services included in your package when your account is set up and can include them in a monthly contract price or bill them as separate services, added on an as-needed basis. )
  3. Make sure the service is licensed to apply lawn-care products as required by North Carolina. We are NC Pesticide Certified. Our NC License # 026-30240
Try us with no risk and zero commitment.  If you are not completely wowed by our unique service, you may walk away without any pressure or hassle.




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